2022 Municipal Election: Campaign Signage Resources

General Guidance (Highway Signage Regulations):

  • Signs cannot be:
    • larger than four feet by eight feet (a surface area of 32 square feet)
    • eight meters (26.25 feet) above the ground
    • made to look like traffic control devices (ex: stop sign)
    • placed in the highway right of way
    • placed on telephone poles or trees
    • placed at an intersection where it blocks line of sight
    • placed on a sidewalk or pedestrian walkway where it blocks foot traffic
    • placed in a green area that is part of the roadway; such as the centre of a roundabout or median
  • Permits are not required for campaign signs
  • Signs must not be put more than one month ahead of the Municipal Election
  • Signs must be taken down within seven days of the election

Highway Signage Act & Regulations:

(Administered by the Department of Economic Growth, Tourism and Culture.)

  • Does not cover the following municipalities, or an area within a municipality, and candidates running in these jurisdictions should contact their municipality for further guidance:
    • Alberton
    • Borden-Carleton
    • Charlottetown
    • Cornwall
    • Kensington
    • Miltonvale Park
    • Resort Municipality
    • Stratford
    • Souris
    • Summerside
    • The former Municipality of Georgetown (area of Three Rivers)
    • The former Municipality of Montague (area of Three Rivers)

Concerns can be brought to Senior Regulatory Compliance Coordinator, Jason Thistle
(902-368-4398 /

Local Bylaws:

  • Some Municipalities have their own signage bylaws, in this case they are responsible for enforcing violations and handling complaints; they may have their own rules around signage location and sizes
  • Some Municipalities have listed the amount of election expenses for candidates in their election bylaw at $0; in this case candidates would not be allowed to use campaign signs
  • All candidates are responsible for familiarizing themselves with the campaign rules in their Municipality, and should review relevant bylaws (Election Bylaw, Signage Bylaw if applicable)