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Map of PEI Municipalities and Non-Municipal Government area
20 Apr, 2022


  • 67% of the population in PEI live in a municipality within 30% of the land area.
  • 33% of the population don't live in a municipality that covers 70% of the land area.

The map shown is a map of PEI, the coloured areas are municipal governments while the white area represents unincorporated or non-municipal government area.

Benefits of Living in a Municipality
The municipal governing structure of elected officials and professional staff provides organized, transparent, and accountable leadership.  

  • Democratically elected representatives making decisions in the best interest of residents in the area.
  • Quality services to the area
  • Development and infrastructure
  • Potentially greater availability of funding
  • Professional administration with a Chief Administrative Officer (CAO)
  • Organized local initiatives for economic and social development
  • Engagement of residents to provide for their needs
  • Bylaws to govern the municipality